Anonymous said: You seem very very pretty. Are you aware of it?

That’s such a weird question to ask. I don’t think I’m ugly. I’m pretty standard looking. Not drop dead gorgeous, not unbearable. I dunno.

Thanks, though.

Anonymous said: If the attraction isn't there, could we still have a relationship? Is it a lost cause? I think I would like to try but I don't know that I'm too attracted..

You could have a relationship, you can for sure try. Without attraction though, your relationship might be like a friendship more than anything.

Anonymous said: Hi pretty! I've been talking to an older guy recently. He's always been very strange. I recently went out with him and he is actually a really nice guy. But I dont know if I'm attracted to him.. is that bad? Is there any way to get past this?

Hey, gorgeous.

To make a long answer short: no. He could be the nicest, most perfect guy but if the attraction isn’t there, it isn’t there. You can’t force it and there’s no way to get around it. I won’t say it can’t ever be there - but from personal experience, it can very rarely sprout from nothing. Ya either got it or ya don’t. Don’t feel bad, either. Attraction, or lack thereof, isn’t your fault.

Anonymous said: I don't know who the previous person was, but I think you should go with him. He seems like a really swell guy.

I’ll have to tell him that, I’m sure he’ll be happy to hear it! 

Anonymous said: Kasey at the weekend I hung out with friends and met a cute nice girl. We talked and held hands and kissed and went back to watch a film at hers. Later on we were kissing in bed and she stripped which was really nice of her to do. But she wanted to have sex so I said to her that I wasn't ready for sex for a few reasons. She said she understood and we cuddled and kissed. But she told her friends that I was being forceful and she was the one who said no to sex. Does this&question make me a fuckboy

This question doesn’t make you a fuckboy and you are not a fuckboy. 

That girl sucks really hard. You just met her so it’ll be really easy to cut ties. It’s awful she’s telling her friends all that but just be the stand-up person you are; hopefully her own lies will catch up to her, but you won’t be around to hear that happen.

Seriously, don’t talk to her. Don’t ask her why. Just drop her. You don’t need people like that anywhere near you. You exercised your right to deny sex and she’s acting like an absolute infant. To accuse someone of being forceful when they weren’t is just disgusting and gross. 

Anonymous said: If you knew this really handsome, awesome guy who was about to be a screenwriter for a television show, would you be his date to the eventual premiere? ;)

Who ever could this be????

Anonymous said: You're the perfect woman and I hope whoever ends up with you treats you like a jewel

You are a dime and a half. Thank you.